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OKI Europe launches SENDYS

July 4, 2019

The all-in-one software platform will help users of OKI’s Office printers to work in more productive, efficient and secure ways, the OEM said.

OKI Europe Ltd announced the launch of SENDYS Explorer multi-fleet software. Exclusive to OKI, the complete software solution enables users in any industry and organisation size to do more with their OKI printers and MFPs. From businesses to retail and healthcare organisations and beyond, users can digitise and manage documents, control print jobs remotely, improve security and reduce wastage.

Compatible with OKI’s Office Printer portfolio, SENDYS Explorer helps organisations take control of their document and printer fleet.  Additionally, the software can be easily accessed via a desktop computer/laptop or mobile phone or directly from OKI’s Smart MFPs via the user-friendly colour touch screen, opening up a huge range of additional functionality to help save time and money.

Features include Optical Character Recognition of scanned or uploaded files, Scan to me document repository, remote access and management of documents, document management of private and public files and the ability to print from cloud connectors by accessing files directly from the printer, PC or smart phone.

SENDYS Explorer Fleet Manager is included at no additional cost to customers.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of the powerful SENDYS Explorer software suite which is exclusive to OKI” said Steve Coombs, Solutions and MPS Product Manager, OKI Europe Ltd. “The inclusion of this multi-fleet software is compatible with all OKI’s office printers and will be incredibly useful for our end customers, saving them time and money. From increased productivity to greater efficiency and improved security, the benefits are far-reaching.”

“Customers will now be able to digitise, share and organise documents, streamline workflows, increase security and reduce waste. With over 6,000 installations on up to 30,000 devices, SENDYS Explorer has a proven track record of helping businesses across multiple industries achieve the best possible performance from their printing operations.”

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