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OKI Europe launches first white toner printers

September 24, 2012

C711WT and C920WT white toner printers released by OEM, said to be first toner-based solution to “white printer” sector.

OKI Europe has announced the release of its new range of digital LED A4 and A3 white toner printers, which are said to be suitable for graphic-based industries due to their “high quality output, robustness and affordability”, and are claimed to be the first toner-based printers in the “white printer” sector, with the company claiming that the printers are “well-regarded” by its SMB customers.

The C711WT A4 printer offers four-colour printing at a speed of eight pages per minute in transparency mode and 34 pages per minute when using plain paper, while the C920WT A4/A3 printer has been designed to printer higher volumes at 10 pages per minute in A3 and 31 pages per minute in A4.

Target markets for the printers include transfer media printing, such as for t-shirts, ceramic decoration, backlight signage by transparency film and film printing for packaging.

The printers are also claimed to be easier to use than other white printing devices, with users being able to load and print “many sheets” at a consistent high quality. They are also alleged to be more versatile in the range of media they can handle, and are accessible to “a much broader user market” due to their low running costs.

Paul Ingram, Product Marketing Manager, OKI Europe commented: “In the past, products have been based on inkjet, dye sublimation or transfer film-ready technologies [which] have niche applications in areas such as garment decoration or printing proofs for packaging applications which are typically expensive both to purchase and maintain and the production time is lengthy.

“The new OKI white toner-based products by contrast are versatile, easy to use and, as there is no drying time required, enable much faster and more cost-effective printing. At the same time, the robust solid print output is just as good as foil blocking, making it a credible in-house solution for a wide range of white print applications.”

Ingram added that the products were “just the tip of the iceberg”, with “new uses emerging every day”.

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