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OKI distributor claims remanufactured cartridges bad for environment

December 9, 2011

OKI distributor claims aftermarket to be problematic, lacks structure and support to be truly environmental. 

Martin Venter of Printacom Technologies has claimed remanufactured and compatible cartridges are a “problematic” fringe industry and have a tenuous claim on an environmental ideology and lead to “environmental consequences”.

“Yet another case for choosing genuine consumables over cheap remanufactured or fake alternatives is emerging. That’s because printer ink and toner cartridges from original equipment manufacturers are assembled in facilities that are optimised for low emissions, enter a supply chain which is designed for sustainability, and ultimately, at end of life, are recycled in an appropriate manner.”

Venter cites “one of the more prominent issues” is the export of used toner to third-world countries, including China, where workers are exposed to dangerous fumes and conditions and “cartridges themselves are seldom re-used. Instead, they are swept of residual toner and then burned in unregulated facilities”.

OKI describes the aftermarket as a “something of a fringe industry”, with “little structure or sustainable routes to market” and Venter commenting, “when something goes wrong, there is no support and no recourse. It is very much a case of ‘caveat emptor’, buyer beware”.

Although Venter concedes that OEM consumables are more costly, he stipulates that the pricing is not unreasonable, with “the toner and ink are complex, intricate and very difficult to produce, when manufactured to appropriate standards.

“If remanufactured or counterfeit products are used, we have no way of predicting the outcome of usage; since toner is such an integral component of the final printed image […] and it won’t deliver the same number of pages as an OEM part will”.

*Correction* Mr Ventner is not an employee of OKI, as was erroneously reported by our source, and the article has been corrected to reflect his position as a distributor *Correction*

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8 responses to “OKI distributor claims remanufactured cartridges bad for environment”

  1. If the cartridge is properly remanufactured in an “environmentally friendly” manner, not only does this give the consumer the option to save some money, but also be a part of supporting “going green”.

    I do however agree that the focus should be for high quality parts to be used, including toner and not to make it as cheap as possible.

    Finally, perhaps the OEM will run head to head with the aftermarket in a test? Or is that dangerous to request?

    When manufactured following the best procedures and components, I have seen the aftermarket cartridge out perform the OEM’s.

  2. I hope the ETIRA or somebody will sue OKI or Martin Venter for damages caused by deliberately dangerously generalised and unfounded slander.

  3. Jan Sluyter says:

    1. Mr Venter’s quotes are out off context
    2. Mr Venter largely does not know his facts
    3. Mr Venter has a hidden agenda

    Whatever his reasons, it is strange and confusing but very serious if people at senior level of a reputable OEM start making claims they probably cannot defend.

  4. Christian Wernhart says:

    Recycler with production close to their market and also certified by ISO 9001, ISO14001 and EMAS and additionally their products carry a recognised ECO label (Austrian Environmental Sign, Blue Engel, and Nordic Swan) defy this statement.
    According to scientific studies it is possible to conserve CO2 by the use of recycling cartridges as a new one. (source: Xanfeon Energy and Environmental Services J2008)
    You can’t compare apples with pears.

  5. Marty is either out of touch with the facts of the reman industry, or is taking a last shot before Oki goes the way of Kodak.

  6. Chris Lansdown says:

    Mr. Venter is “green washing”. Okidata themselves about 5 years ago purchased MKG Imaging out of Mississauga. A large remanufacture of toner cartridges. Mr Venter welcome to the industry your about 20years too late. I believe MKG has now been moth balled.

    In recent news Xerox just purchased Lasernetworks who was also a remanufacturing company until two years ago where I believe they outsourced their production.

    Mr. Venter,Have you read the BAN report or the UKCRA study? Or are you just Green Washing it?

  7. Luke Goldberg says:

    Mr. Venter appears to be out of touch with present day aftermarket imaging consumables business and he clearly is disapproving of the fact that almost every one of his fellow OEM’S offers high quality, envioronmentally friendly remanufacatured consumables as part of their MPS and transactional business models.
    OEMS have enbraced the need to offer consumers a choice as have the largest office stores in the world who have deemed these products as indispensible parts of their offerings for over 15 years. Regarding his statements regarding the green aspects of our business, others have responded to that; clearly all of the largest players are ISO14001, NORDIC SWAN certified, and now many are implementing intensive recycling programs to account for other manufacturing scrap such as metals, corrugate, etc… I would suggest Mr. Venter does further reseach before making uninformed, inflammatory comments that have not been applicable to the ligitimate aftermarket for 20 years. I could go on and on, clearly its a topic I am very passionate about protecting as our 900+ employees and millions of consumers who deserve fair alternative supplies need us to remain vigilant in combatting unsubstantiated propaganda.

  8. If anyone could name a compatible manufacturer that recycles its own empties or a toner manufacturer that reclaims its own waste, I would be surprised.

    I believe Mr. Venter has many good points that may not apply to some but do apply to many that have built their companies foundation on greed.

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