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OKI celebrates 30 years in EMEA

November 26, 2014

30_Year_logo_Square_1OEM looks back over three decades in the Europe, Middle East and Africa printer market.

OKI Europe has announced that it has celebrated its 30th anniversary in the EMEA printer market, with employees from across the region gathering in Athens to mark the occasion and “relive the past 30 years of OKI’s technology innovations”; including the “ground-breaking” launch of Europe’s first LED printer in 1989.

The event also saw tributes paid to several employees who have worked for the OEM since it was established in Europe, as well as to OKI’s 25-year partner in Greece, CPI.

Among the achievements celebrated over the years and remembered as part of the celebration are the launch in 1995 of the “world’s smallest printer” – the OKIPage 4w, which had a “footprint the size of a piece of A4 paper”; the release of the OKIPage 8c in 1998 – OKI’s first digital LED colour printer, with print speeds “two times faster than its competitors”; the launch of the “world’s first A4 colour MFP”, the C5500 MFP, in 2005; and in 2013 the release of the ES9541 – “the industry’s first digital LED five-colour A3 Printer”.

The company now has offices in 23 European countries and operates in 60 EMEA countries, with the first office in the region established in 1984 in Dusseldorf, Germany. This growth was propelled by the acquisition of multi-national distributor Technitron in 1990, which allowed the company to create a network of sales offices across Europe.

Looking ahead, the OKI Europe pledges to “continue their strategy of customer-led innovation, driven by a strong network of European staff and channel partners”.

Terry Kawashima, Managing Director at OKI Europe Ltd., said: “We are incredibly proud of OKI’s significant contribution to the EMEA printer market over the last 30 years and the major product breakthroughs we have achieved. Our continued roadmap of innovation and strong European partner links has been fundamental to our success and will doubtless help us to accomplish our vision for future growth.”

He added: “OKI has a fantastic heritage of product innovation. We have always placed the customer at the forefront of our innovations and developed technology to address issues they may not realise they even had. Our latest white toner LED printers and five-colour printer – the ES9541 – are recent examples of how we continue to exceed customers’ expectations.

“Over the past 30 years, OKI Europe’s dedicated team, along with our strong partner network of distributors and resellers, has helped the business overcome some tough challenges and grow to become a market leader. The fact that they have continued to drive OKI’s product innovations has been key to our ongoing success.”

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