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OKI announces two new MFD models

June 21, 2012

CX3535/4545 aimed at delivering versatility to medium to large-size workgroups.

OKI Data Americas has announced two new models of MFDs claimed to amalgamate “exceptional colour output, plus high-speed print, scan, copy and optional fax functionality” aimed towards medium to large-sized workgroups.

The CX3535/4545 are stated as being compatible with business applications including Google Docs, Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Exchange, enabling customers to “increase efficiencies with document management workflows and output management solutions”.

No print speeds have been released from the OEM. Details include a default 550 sheets capacity, and OKI are providing 24 hour support.

Scott Raskas, Senior Marketing Manager of Colour Products, OKI, commented: “OKI is pleased to introduce these two new high-performance colour multifunction devices to our broad portfolio of products. We are confident that the versatility and advanced functionality of the CX3535/4545 MFPs will allow larger-scale workgroups to increase productivity and maximise efficiency in the workplace.”

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