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OfficeMax faces refill suit

July 12, 2012

Richard Schaefer launches class action suit against the printer consumables retailer claiming its refills were only half full.

US-based retailer OfficeMax is facing a class action suit, claiming a failure to disclose that printer cartridge refills are only half full, reports Visions & Trends.

Richard Schaefer has launched the class action suit, stating that he and a class member “each paid $10 (€8) to have [OfficeMax] refill their printer ink cartridges at an OfficeMax refill station and were charged when in fact only half of the ink cartridges was refilled”.

Although the practise is stated as being “carried out through a uniform scheme and [is] common course of conduct” in OfficeMax branches throughout Illinois, Schaefer argues that the retailer “failed to disclose its common practise of half refilling printer ink cartridges with the intent that [consumers] would rely on this omission in paying for printer ink cartridge refills instead of purchasing a new printer ink cartridge”.

As such, Schaefer stipulates that OfficeMax “fraudulently and unjustly charged […] $10 for half refills. [OfficeMax] should have either refilled the ink cartridges in full or charged $5 (€4) for the half refills”.

Schaefer is seeking class damages for consumer fraud, deceptive trade and unjust enrichment. OfficeMax has yet to comment at the time of publication.

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