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Office printing figures by vertical

November 20, 2017

A new blog post has detailed the winners and losers of office printing by industry.

Print Audit has published a blog, in which it examines worldwide office printing figures by industry vertical for 2015-16.

The blog notes that overall, volumes per user are down “dramatically” in nearly all verticals, save for Financial and Medical, and that overall total colour spend, versus mono, is down for all verticals but Education and Legal.

According to Print Audit, the results show that “the office imaging space is changing dramatically [] The trends for end-user customers are positive, but as dealers they are very negative, at least for those continuing to use CPP (Cost Per Page) as their only option.”

The best-performing vertical, the figures suggests, was Education, which saw a rise in both daily pages per user (increasing from 13 to 20), and total printing costs as a percentage, nearly doubling from 27 percent to 50 percent.

There was positive news, also, in the Medical vertical, which saw a 118 percent increase in the average daily pages per user, from 17 pages to 37. However, total colour printing costs dropped from 51 percent to 26 percent, nearly halving.

It was a mixed set of results for the Financial and Large Enterprise verticals: In Large Enterprise, a 2 percent rise in duplex printing and a “dramatic increase” of 15 percent in the percentage of total colour output from web/email were tempered by falls in both daily pages per user (from 6 to 4.5) and total colour printing costs (from 40 percent to 31 percent).

Meanwhile, for Financial, total colour printing costs sank from 66 to 32 percent, whilst duplex printing dropped from 12 to 7 percent. However, in better news, total colour output from web/email rose 5 percent to 27 percent, and daily pages per user rose from 18 to 21.

In the Government vertical, the results were less positive. Daily pages per user more than halved, from 33 to 15 pages, whilst there was also a drop in total colour printing costs – from 56 percent to 52.

In Legal, meanwhile, there was zero duplex printing in either 2015 or 2016, whilst total colour output from web/email stayed at 5 percent. There was also a small rise in total colour printing costs, from 50 to 51 percent, but a small decrease in the average daily pages per user, from 83 to 79.

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