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Office Depot – Missed chances

October 29, 2019

Or, size does matter…

It is no secret that, for a small publishing business, we print many pages each month and that means we buy a lot of new and reused ink cartridges for our printers and we always recycle the old cartridges.

Last week we consumed one of our new OEM cartridges, and they had a handy return bag on the back. Just one problem, the bag is too small for the cartridge.

While we would never send a cartridge back this way because you just know it will get shredded and not reused, you have to ponder on the thinking going on here.

Is it a simple mistake to supply a bag that is too small, or is it a Machiavellian plot?  The devious work of a reuse insider at Office Depot who deliberately puts small bags onto large cartridges so they can’t be returned and are therefore able to be reused.

Needless to say, this lucky cartridge went to a good home and will be available again soon as a fully functioned newly reused cartridge.

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