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Office Beaver continues to grow

July 22, 2019

SFP Business – Daniel Moore from Beaver/Ink Jungle PICTURE: Mecha Morton (10291599)

Founded ten years ago with only £3,000 ($3.740/ €3,330) it has grown to a group of three companies and now turns over £7 million ($8.72 million/ €7.78 million).

In an interview to The Suffolk Free Press Mr Moore, owner and founder of Office Beaver, Ink Nation and Ink Jungle, talks about how his idea for the company was to provide the best printer cartridges on the market and at the same time educate the consumer that recycling pays.

The companies collect HP and Canon cartridges from charities, schools etc and ensure they are being reused and do not end up in landfill making about £1 – £1.50 ($1.24 – $1.86/ €1.10 – €1.66) per cartridge for charity.

Talking to The Suffolk Free Press Mr Moore said: “We talk to charities about them promoting the service so that people know they can encourage people to donate empty print cartridges to raise money. Ink cartridges can be refilled up to five times and it saves air miles to recycle them because a lot of them are actually made in Asia. Recycling and reusing saves them having to be made and shipped in the first place. They cost less to buy than original ones and reduce landfill, so it’s a much greener way to buy.”

Recently Office Beaver donated £78,000 ($97,2300/ €86,700) to Children with cancer from its efforts.

In the interview, Mr Moore also talks about his plans to collect more cartridges on a wider scale.

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