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OEMs using more recycled plastics

April 18, 2017

The boost of using recycled plastics comes after initiatives from EPEAT which were discussed at a European Plastics Recycling Conference recently. reported that at the Plastics Recycling show held in Amsterdam Jason Ord, HP’s Director for “environmental responsibility” in the EMEA, gave a talk about using more recycled plastics from an OEM point of view.

Ord said that HP Inc is “finding its best success in the use of recycled plastic in commercial flat-panel displays” and that this was an easier way to use recycled plastic “because its black flat-panel displays are less affected by cosmetic requirements” and that currently 80 percent of the company’s “commercial display output contains post consumer plastic resin”.

This is generally due to “eco-label procurement requirements” by government and B2B and an example of this was EPEAT which is often a “requirement for purchases by public agencies”. Ord said: “Eco-labels drive demand for recycled plastic in computers and displays.”

HP’s recent sustainability report said that the company uses e-plastic from “used ink and toner cartridges” to make new cartridges as well as other recycled plastic like coffee cups and its report said that HP had used “6,200 metric tons of recycled plastic in PCs and displays in 2015” although the source was not revealed.

Dell has also been using recycled plastics for a while and during 2016 used 3.4 million pounds in its products which was 55 percent more than in 2015.



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