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OEMs become first manufacturers with EPEAT-qualified imaging products

January 31, 2013

epeatCanon, Dell, Ricoh and Xerox become first to list products qualifying in EPEAT’s imaging equipment category.

Environmental Leader reports that a number of OEMs have become the first manufacturers to have Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)-certified products that qualify in the new imaging equipment category, which spans products including copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, mailing machines and multifunction devices.

Canon, Dell, Ricoh and Xerox have been listed as joining the registry following manufacturers being allowed to begin the certification process for imaging devices in early December 2012; with further manufacturers expected to join the registry soon.

The standards for EPEAT-certified imaging equipment were finalised in June last year, with eligible products being required to meet at least 33 environmental performance criteria, including recyclability, the amount of energy a product consumes, the length of a product’s lifecycle and its level of toxicity, and some products achieving higher ratings by meeting up to 26 additional criteria.

The EPEAT certifications are based on a “self-declaration system, which is then backed by post-market verification” after the manufacturer presents evidence to EPEAT to support their declaration(s). Currently, eight governments use EPEAT’s environmental rating programme, with around 120 million EPEAT-registered products reported to have been sold in 2011 alone, over half of which were sold in the US.

Last year, the aftermarket industry celebrated the securing of the EPEAT IEEE-1680.2 and IEEE-1680.3 industry standards, which became active in October 2012,  enabling public bodies to accept non-OEM cartridges and adding restrictions on refill-prohibiting cartridges, among other benefits. The standards were lobbied for by industry associations UKCRA, ETIRA and I-ITC, with Kleen Strike’s Laura Heywood speaking to The Recycler in September on her role in securing the standards and the impact they will have on the aftermarket industry.

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