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OCP now supplies franking aftermarket

October 26, 2015

DM300 franking machineThe German ink supplier says there is a “real aftermarket” for high-quality franking cartridges, with the company offering a “broad range” of inks for the machines which work with some of the major remanufacturers’ products.

The machines “come in a variety of sizes”, ranging from ‘low-volume’ for less than 200 pieces per day, to ‘high—volume’, with over 2,000 pieces being franked per day. OCP informed that “most desktop devices as well as certain high volume machines are based on inkjet print engines”.

The inks must be “specially formulated” to meet specific country mail providers standards, being blue or a certain Pantone, or red and fluorescent when exposed to certain light frequencies to allow the mail item to be processed by high-speed sorting equipment.

Low-volume postage machines can go long periods without printing and so employ ink with more humectants to keep the nozzles in the print heads from being clogged by dried inks, while higher-speed machines may need inks with faster drying times.


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