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OCP Inks moves ink production to Poland

January 24, 2020

In an email to its customers the company announced that following the acquisition of German companies OCP and Compedo, ink production will move from Lage, Germany to their strategic partner’s facility in Poland.

The UK based remanufacturer, Environmental Business Products Ltd (EBP) management team announced the completion of the acquisition of German ink supplier Compedo GmbH in December 2019.

Established in 1987, Compedo, based in Iserlohn, Germany, currently supplies bulk ink to inkjet manufacturers, including EBP, as well as being a supplier of ink bottles and finished product inkjet and toner cartridges.

At the time, EBP stated that Richard Pennekamp, founder of Compedo, will continue to oversee the facility in Iserlohn, sharing his expertise and wealth of knowledge within the existing EBP infrastructure.

EBP recently sent out an email confirming that “relocation of our manufacturing know-how to much more suitable premises in Poland (at Compedo’s strategic partner’s facility)”, was now underway.

Aleem Hosein, Managing Director of EBP stated: “In terms of impact to our customers, rest assured this will only be positive. Lead-time, R&D, New Product Development, after sales, account management (via Compedo in Germany), pricing and distribution capabilities, will all be enhanced AND all whilst ensuring that quality remains to the highest standard.”

The transition will occur over the next six months according to EBP, confirming that “there is a manageable, carefully considered, contingency-rich plan in place to ensure the smooth transfer of our know-how; and most importantly seamless continuity of supply of our inks to our customer-base”.

The US supply chain of inks has been delayed, but the company said this is “now a focal point”.

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