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Océ highlights five tips when purchasing large format printers

June 1, 2012

OEM lists main factors consumers should consider when buying a new large format printer.

In an article on technology website, Océ mentions five crucial factors that should be assessed by those looking to buy a large format printer in order to make an informed decision.

Firstly, “ease of use” is highlighted, with consumers urged to think about “how you need the printer to work for you”. By taking into account the type of print jobs customers would require the printer to complete, which would determine whether they would need a printer that enables them to adjust or set parameters; and the ease of loading consumables, the customer can get a better idea of whether the printer is suitable.

Infrastructure security is another factor listed by the company, with printers compatible with service packs so that they can receive updates and those that can be locked to prevent unauthorized users mentioned as being worth purchasing; along with those that enable digital data to be overwritten or removed from the hard disk.

Another factor is “product options”, with questions such as ‘can the product be upgraded or have hardware added in the future? ‘ and ‘does the manufacturer offer firmware updates?’ always being worth asking.

 In addition, Océ points out that “floor space” can be a significant consideration, with the dimensions of the product often being important along with “balancing the cost of floor space versus efficiency cost”.

Finally, a product’s environmental impact should be assessed before purchasing to prevent “unnecessary waste and high energy consumption”. Disposing of ink cartridges and waste toner responsibly is mentioned, along with whether the printer itself is able to be recycled and whether the printer manufacturer has a printer “remanufacturing program” in place.

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