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Oakdene Hollins proposes EU circular economy policies

May 5, 2015

The consultancy group, which operates the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse, has outlined its hopes for a new circular economy package from the EU.circular_economy_infographic-300x264

The company reported on its new package document, stating that it encourages the EU to “promote policies designed to accelerate the creation of new jobs and growth from the expansion of circular economy businesses”. It states that business models for the economy are “rapidly being adopted”, with “new resource-efficient products and services” being introduced as well.

In turn, it believes that “in many cases, but not all, these trends will assist circular economy goals”, and that “as a general principle, we encourage the integration of circular economy goals within existing EU structures and spending programmes”, with a number of opportunities highlighted “to promote the circular economy”.

These include “stewardship of products and materials”, a “priority products and materials list”, “innovative technologies and techniques”, and “end of waste”. Oakdene Hollins encourages the establishment of an organisation “whose role is to facilitate the voluntary actions of companies in managing product and material stewardship programmes”, including existing labelling and standards “expertise”.

Secondly, it notes in terms of products and materials that the circular economy “affects over 25,000 product categories”, and that “not all can be targeted by EU policies”, with policy makers “uncertain which products and materials deserve attention”. To this end, the company encourages the “publication of a priority list”.

Thirdly, considering innovative technologies and techniques, it recommends expansion of current innovation and research “to include new technology challenges presented by the circular economy; and finally, it urges the EU to “lower the barriers to trade in materials for recycling” through the facilitation of “the sharing of member state experience with their own end of waste programmes”.

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