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Nubeprint updates their “MPS for all” app

January 22, 2020

Nubeprint announces that version 2.0 of their “MPS for all” app is now available in iOS and Android formats.

Nubeprint announces the release of Version 2.0 of its successful monitoring app for iPhones and Android phones. Overall the Nubeprint app has a fresh user interface for a better user experience with easy access to the printer monitoring information. It is also more powerful, supporting almost all printer models that has made Nubeprint the most universal solution for MPS.

The Nubeprint app 2.0 is designed to work both as a stand alone monitoring tool that can be used to monitor both printers and the consumable cartridges, or in combination with MPS services contracted with a reseller. Activating monitoring services is done by adding the dealers license number into the app on the cell phone.

A new feature in Nubeprint app 2.0 is that a printer can be added using the printers serial number, which makes it very convenient for technicians to verify on-line the status of the printer.

The app synchs when the monitoring data is collected using a Chromebook device. In this case, the cell phone is used as the viewfinder for the monitoring data of printers. 

The new Nubeprint app provides a powerful “Call to Action” tool for a dealer who can then easily send notification alerts directly to the customer via WhatsApp or phone and builds a more direct and personal communication with the end customer. 

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