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NubePrint unveils Predictability Outcome Technology

April 4, 2012

Technology aimed at reducing shortcoming with managing heavy limited MPS compliant printers and copiers.

MPS specialist NubePrint has unveiled its new Predictability Outcome Technology, as part of the CloudPrinting Suite engine, designed to “remove the existing barriers to manage heavy limited MPS compliant printers and copiers”.

NubePrint state that the primary advantages to the Predictability Outcome Technology are “accuracy, reliability & transparency” and claim that the technology is capable of identifying and managing a number of hidden costs of MPS such as toner wasted through early replacement of cartridges; time lost in requests for services and supplies; and requires no additional software, with NubePrint running on Open and Free Software.

The cumulative benefits are said to boost revenue by approximately 50 percent and reduce direct costs by 10 percent.

Juan Alvite, Vice President of Sales, commented: “This is possible thanks to our developed capacity to obtain levels on virtually all the supplies and parts included in any printer or copier. The days of having to printer user calling to the reseller to order drums, fusers or any other are now over.

“Our customers, resellers and dealers will see a reduction on calls from customers by 80 percent. They will now really have the advantage to plan deliveries in advance, making great savings in transportation and stock.”

Predictability Outcome Technology will be available to existing customers at no additional cost.

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