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Nubeprint partners with TEKO to deliver MPS programme

February 14, 2013

nubeprint mpsMPS technology provider teams with Russian IT distributor to support new PRISMA MPS dealer programme.

Spain and US-based technology company NubePrint and IT distributor TEKO have announced that they have partnered to develop and deliver TEKO’s new MPS brand, PRISMA managed print dealer programme, with Nubeprint’s Predictability Outcome Technology becoming the software supporting the programme.

George Khisin, CEO of TEKO, which is based in Moscow and claims to be the largest IT distributor in Russia, said: “We have invested significant time and resources looking for the right technology partner for our MPS program and we have found it in Nubeprint. Both companies share the view that a program should be driven from the perspective of the dealer. By ensuring success and profitability to the dealers all parties vested in the MPS program will benefit.”

Antonio Sanchez, CEO of Nubeprint, added: “We are excited by our partnership with TEKO because of our shared vision of the MPS business and the role that Wholesalers, Dealers and Technology providers should play in it.”

The launch of TEKO’s PRISMA managed print solution is planned for the first quarter of 2013.

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