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Nubeprint MPS Monitoring now available via Chromebooks

January 15, 2020

Nubeprint announces that its monitoring technology is now available in Chromebooks and delivers DCA free printer monitoring to engage the SOHO and home user market.

Chromebooks are the fastest-growing segment of the computer market, and anyone with a Chromebook device can now activate monitoring by merely introducing the Nubeprint license number obtained from their dealer. 

Nubeprint CEO, Antonio Sanchez said: “At Nubeprint, we think that monitoring services such as cost per page or supply replenishment should not be exclusive to a small number of service providers and of end-customers. The truth is that current MPS technology has acted as an entry barrier for many dealers. 

“Until now, anyone wanting to get into the monitoring service sector (cost per page, auto-replenishment of toner etcetera) required technical knowledge and resources to install a DCA at the customer and to make sure that the DCA is continuously up and running and reporting. 

“Dealers avoid offering the monitoring services to their small customers such as the SOHO and home user market because of the workload associated with this. Yet this market segment represents around 50% of the installed printer base and has the best sales margins.

Nubeprint has removed this barrier with the introduction of its latest technology. Now the dealer sends the customer the license number to start the MPS proposition and activate the service and start monitoring the customers’ printers — a perfect solution for small companies and professionals.”

The number of Chromebook options offered by HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Google, and in general, any manufacturer of laptops keeps growing.

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