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Nubeprint launches new software aimed at SMBs

August 7, 2013

The ZERO Click suite will allow SMBs to manage “unlimited devices” through the cloud.

Antonio Sanchez

Antonio Sanchez

The company stated that the “unique offering” is a confirmation of the “confidence” it has with its technology’s accuracy, with ZERO Click allowing SMB office dealers to manage “unlimited devices and pay only when they receive a ‘correct alert’” from the programme.

As a result of this, dealer will now “automatically execute supply fulfilment to their customers, and will only pay when a sale of a consumable or part takes place”. The cloudprinting MPS technology, Nubeprint notes, means that dealers will “make a sale” and “pay for the automatic shipment alert”, and it added that the programme is “the most powerful and reliable tool for the “proactive management” of printing devices, agnostic to brand, type of device and age”.

Among the features of the ZERO Click software are: a business dashboard containing scoreboards; device status views; alert thresholds “based on days or percentage”; the amount of consumable (ink or toner) thrown away when cartridges are replaced; the date of replacement; and automatically-calculated reports “providing the meters and pages to bill for per page contracts”.

Antonio Sanchez Navarro, President of Nubeprint, stated: “SMB office dealers and consumable suppliers must have the same opportunity as the largest dealers to serve their customers requirements without having the burdensome investments. ZERO Click is a significant step forward to add more value for their customers, and to differentiate themselves from their competitors without eroding their margins.

“The dealer will gain control and automate its operating processes, therefore, reducing its costs and those of its customers. MPS is not a sales process; it is an added value service to customers. If the dealer has not optimized his internal processes from the beginning, his next step to expand further into MPS will be a costly failure.”

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