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NubePrint enters US market

March 20, 2012

The Madrid-based technology company brings its MPS software expertise to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

With the expansion of the company to its new office, NubePrint believes that its experience in the MPS ‘Cloud’ Print management industry and expertise in technical software design will help US MPS providers to deliver service in a “proactive and automatic way”.

NubePrint CEO Antonio Sanchez stated that the choice of location was due to its proximity to Detroit Metropolitan International Airport and to the pool of strong technological talent attracted to the area by the University of Michigan.

In addition, the company’s recently developed Predictability Outcome Technology aims to enable “high accuracy” forecasting of when service or supplies will be needed for printers and copiers that provide very limited data.

NubePrint claim that users of the technology have seen “significant increases in profitability and improvement in daily operations” along with greater control of costs and significant reductions in consumable waste and service calls.

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