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Nubeprint and ILG launch Cart-E app promotion

June 10, 2019

Nubeprint, Inc.’s Cart-E printer monitoring app will be available to all International Laser Group (ILG) printing supply resellers who engage in the Cart-E app 30 day promotion to monitor an unlimited number of printers and copiers for free, indefinitely.  

Nubeprint is a technology developer focused on the output devices reliable management. Nubeprint’s offices are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Madrid, Spain, and its Distribution Channel covers US, Europe, APAC and Central & South America. 

ILG remanufactures a large selection of brand name OEM alternative toner cartridges, including both monochrome and colour laser toners, JUMBO COLOR, and MICR cartridges and is a member of Turbon Group.

The solution announced for this promotion allows any printing supply reseller to monitor the printers of their customers by simply installing the Cart-e app on the mobile phone of the customer. The reseller monitors the status of their customer’s printers via a PC. As an advantage, any reseller without technical skills can now monitor the printers of their customers and offer supply replenishment for the toner and ink cartridges.

Now, with the arrival of the Cart-E app, even the smallest customers enjoy the benefits of a printer monitoring service program which previously was offered exclusively to only medium and large organizations.

To apply for this promotion, the reseller must contact ILG and be an active customer. The reseller then gets a console license that allows them to deploy the Cart-e app to their customers without any limit in volume.

The promotion includes a tailored Cart-e app that links the customer to the reseller’s e-store and gives the reseller the capability to directly communicate from their PC based Console to the mobile phone of the customer in order to send low toner alerts notifications.

The whole solution is extremely easy and designed for resellers of any size that want to keep selling printer cartridges, but with a service layer valued by their customers. The solution is specially designed for the smallest customers and does not require installing anything in a PC or a server.

The companies explained that the Cart-e app will give the reseller a solution that gives them the power of Real Time Marketing. This direct line of communication and “call to action” to their customer interrupts the shopping ritual, cutting out traditional and online competition.

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