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Nu-Tone announces acquisition of Densi

September 11, 2017

In a press release from Nu-Tone, the company revealed that it has now completed the acquisition of Densi’s assets.

Earlier this year the news was broken that Densi, a distributor of imaging supplies and parts, had been forced to file a notice of intention due to “a downturn in the imaging aftermarket”, particular in Canada. This downturn was caused by several factors, including an increase in foreign competition, and three years of currency variations between the Canadian and US dollars.

Densi had also revealed that a rebranding process which had taken place in 2015 had been “unprofitable”, despite the company devoting a significant amount of money.

Finally, towards the end of May 2017 The Recycler reported on the sale of Densi’s assets to four companies, among them Nu-Tone, a Quebec-based office imaging supplies business, which acquired Densi’s stock “and certain intellectual property assets.”

In recent developments, Nu-Tone has formally announced its acquisition of Densi, stating that its commitment to its customers “is to ensure a smooth transition, while offering increased benefits.”

Densi’s original website,, remains temporarily operational but the company has also developed a new website for its customers,, where consumers can learn all about the company’s latest products.

In addition, Nu-Tone has also revealed that it has become an exclusive supplier of CET Group products in Canada. CET has an inventory of 5,000 “compatible quality products” designed for use in printers and photocopiers, including “a full range of inks”.

Nu-Tone itself is known for making and distributing high-quality remanufactured products, including EcoTone toner cartridges and Premium Tone cartridges.


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