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Ninestar’s BlueDrive Technology

August 1, 2017

The BlueDrive Technology is a patented design developed by Ninestar for Canon’s dongle gear cartridges.

Instead of using a mechanism similar to a universal joint like the one Canon employs, Ninestar’s BlueDrive technology uses a shaft that engages directly with a device’s drive motor to rotate cartridge components like an OPC drum or developer roller.

Canon’s so-called dongle gear pivots on a hinge so the coupling member is free to move when a cartridge is inserted into or removed from a device. When engaged, the hinged coupler operates at an incline as it transfers the rotational force from the motor to the cartridge components.

Since its debut in early 2014, Ninestar says it “has enhanced the design of its dongle gear alternative so that its cartridges operate as well as cartridges that have the OEM’s gear”.  

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