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Ninestar warns of unauthorised products in Argentina

October 31, 2016

The company stated that it has “not authorised or entrusted any distributors and dealers” to sell its products in Argentina.ninestarpack

In an announcement on its website Ninestar noted that its focus is on “providing professional printing solutions for different requirements of users”, with toner, inkjet and ribbon cartridge products sold “all over the world” under brands including G&G. It pointed out that “recently, we found there’s G&G brand products in [the] Argentina market” that are “not directly produced and distributed” by Ninestar, and has made a formal declaration in response.

Ninestar commented that “in order to avoid any confusion from the users, and safeguard users’ legal rights and interests”, the declaration states that “so far, Ninestar Image Tech Limited has not authorised or entrusted any distributors and dealers to sell G&G brand products, and have not supplied any G&G products to any local distributors and resellers in Argentina”.

Additionally, Ninestar “won’t guarantee the origin of ‘G&G’ brand products which are purchased through the channels not being authorised by Ninestar Image Tech Limited”, and “won’t guarantee the quality insurance, after-sale service, and any related appreciated service all included”. It went on to note that for more information on its products and distributors, customers should visit its website at

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