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Ninestar visited by Hong Kong government investment officer

January 10, 2013

Galpin and Ninestar officials

The manufacturer was visited by InvestHK’s Director Simon Galpin after its investments in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Galpin, along with Chief Inspector of Guangzhou Investment Cuiping Yang and a number of other officers, visited Ninestar’s facilities for a conference and tour of production, and Ninestar noted that it is “the only enterprise in Zhuhai visited by InvestHK” at this point. InvestHK, as an “ad hoc” department of Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Region, is “in charge of promoting foreign investments in Hong Kong”.

The company noted that its progress into laser printing and printer production with the Pantum has made it a “technically-innovative enterprise” that has “been thought highly [of] by regional and central governments” in China as well as becoming a model of “industry upgrad[ing]”. Ninestar ships over 10 containers to over 100 nations worldwide from the city and notes that the city’s position has helped it “become one of the largest printer consumables manufacturers in the world”.

In terms of Hong Kong, the company added that it is “one of the most valuable areas to invest in” which can be attributed to its “stable financial system, world-class infrastructure, efficient administrative system, fully-opened free trade market and low tax rate”. Ninestar continued by noting that the city state is “now the best start point” for Chinese companies to enter the international market as a result.

Galpin stated of Ninestar during his visit: “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been greatly supporting the investment activities of technically-innovative enterprises in Hong Kong and Ninestar Group is a representative of those.

“We also hope Ninestar Group will continue [its] investments in Hong Kong, and the government is willing to offer better policies to support the group financially in human resources and R&D support.”

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