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Ninestar unveils new production line

November 27, 2018

Following its recent advocation of automation, the company has released a short video showcasing its first full automatic production line for aftermarket toner cartridges.

According to the video, the production line features “precise operation” and offers “high efficiency”, double the productivity of manpower and a more standardised production process.

This “smarter production” contributes to “brilliant prints”, says Ninestar.

The company explains that the foundations for the automatic production were laid back in 2012, and now in 2018 the company features 30 automatic production lines. However, as Ninestar elaborates, automatic production is not without its challenges, as it does not just involve equipment but is a “systematic and complex project” that “integrates many fields”.

Ninestar states, “Full automation is only possible when a strong company platform can provide solid technical support.”

Because of its smart production line, Ninestar says it can provide customers with “more reliable and stable cartridges” and goes on to demonstrate each step of the cartridge production process.  

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