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Ninestar strengthens its EU service centre

August 27, 2019

The company has announced that Seine (Holland) B.V. will now also be the company’s service centre for Europe offering after-sales and technical services.

Seine (Holland) B.V., the European sales branch of Ninestar located in the Netherlands, will now also be Ninestar’s European service centre, providing a wider range of after-sale service and quick-responds technical support to Ninestar’s European customers. Making the announcement Ninestar added that it continues to bring the after-sale service and technical support closer to its customers in Europe.

Services in Ninestar’s European service centre will include:

  • Regular visits and technical communication to European partners
  • Direct on-site technical support from Ninestar’s experienced engineers to European partners within 24 hours
  • Technical support and maintenance of Wide-Format printers, thermal transfer printers, G&G handheld inkjet printers and G&G label printers
  • Free chip upgrade for Ninestar’s European partners

Oleg Zhao, General Manager of Seine (Holland) B.V., said: “The service centre is great for Ninestar’s customers. It brings us closer to our valued customers in European, makes our services more localised, faster and more efficient, which is exactly what our customers and the industry needs.”

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