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Ninestar offers solution to Canon’s light emission chip patent

January 15, 2013

Chinese remanufacturer claims its patent provides non-infringing alternative to Canon’s light emission chip.

Ninestar has announced that it has developed a reliable solution to the risk of aftermarket companies infringing upon Canon’s light emission chip patent, with Canon already winning litigation in Japan and awards in Europe for its patent and Ninestar predicting that the OEM may spread the litigation to the European market.

Asserting that it is the first in the aftermarket to tackle Canon’s light emission chip patent and offer a solution, Ninestar has registered its compatible chip patents in China under number CN201110459870.1 and CN201110460180.8, with inkjet cartridges equipped with the patented chip already selling in Japan and other markets.

Explaining the difference between Canon’s patented chip and its own, Ninestar notes that the Canon patent is described as “the emission of light based on colour information stored in [the] chip. The chip data needs the colour ID in order for the printer to operate”; while its own patent is described as having an “independent” emission of light that “is irrelevant [to] colour ID”.

Ninestar emphasised that it “always respects the intellectual right of OEMs” while continuously developing its own patents, and that it “will focus on market developments to monitor any infringement on its patented solution”; adding, “Ninestar is ready for meeting any market demands on Canon compatible chip in [the] Europe[an] market and provide[s] the most reliable solution for customers”.

The Recycler also reported on Ninestar’s solution to Canon’s twisted gear patent, with the company announcing its success in the US at the end of last year.

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