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Ninestar’s patented solution

March 15, 2019

The company has revealed new replacement toner cartridges for use in HP CP1215/2020 series printers.

Table 1: The OEM Models Covered by EP 1 977 289B1

As Ninestar explains, since December 2018, Canon has taken some actions regarding the protection of its granted patent EP 1 977 289B1, which is used in the products listed in Table 1, against the companies listed in Table 2, including having filed lawsuit and submitted some infringement reports to Amazon.

Ninestar continues with the analysis of Canon’s EP 1 977 289B1 patent. The company explains:

Table 2: Canon’s Complaints

Canon’s EP 1 977 289B1 has two key features:

A projected position in which the second force receiving portion is projected outwardly of the developing unit from.

A stand-by position which is retracted from the projected position by movement of the first force receiving portion caused by the first force (of a main assembly of an electrophotographic image forming apparatus)

EP 1 977 289B1

The function of this OEM’s patented structure design is when printing mono documents, the DR and OPC of the other colour toner cartridges are detached automatically.

With years’ experience in developing patented products, Ninestar has worked out a perfect solution for Canon’s EP 1 977 289B1.

As Ninestar explains, its patented solution means “the first force will not cause the second force receiving portion to a projected position. The second force receiving portion is always in a projected position by the tensioning force of a spring.” (see pictured)

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