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Ninestar issues statement on “unauthorised substance”

January 29, 2019

Following the recent furore surrounding the discovery of DecaBDE in some new-build cartridges, Ninestar has issued a statement regarding the status of its own third-party printing products.

The company has stated:

“G&G is extremely concerned about the recent unauthorised substance issue occurring in the European Union. Due to this concern, G&G has conducted an internal inspection, and has also sent products to a third-party laboratory for testing. The results show the tested G&G products complied with all applicable environmental regulations.”

The statement goes on to reveal that “G&G confirms all current stock and future shipments of products sold in Europe are in compliance with all applicable European environmental regulations.”

The company concludes, “G&G will continue to provide customers with products that are fully compliant with all applicable environmental regulations from different regions.”

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