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Ninestar integrates printing supplies businesses

September 13, 2012

The sale of inkjet, toner and ribbon supplies has been integrated into one group, established following a three month trial.

Ninestar Group has announced the consolidation of the sale of all printing supplies into a single entity entitled Ninestar Image Tech Inc., believed to lead to increased efficiency of resources and providing higher quality service to customers.

Previously, Ninestar Imaging Int’l Ltd handled inkjet cartridge sales, while Seine Image Int’l Co., Ltd handled toner supplies. Following the formation of the new group, Ninestar Image Tech will deal with the sale of all inkjet, toner and ribbon supply sales.

Seine Image Int’l Co., Ltd will be changed to Pantum International Limited, to prioritise the sale of the first aftermarket printer. Ninestar Group’s G&G brand will also expand its remit to cover all printing supplies, formerly specialising in inkjet cartridges.

Ninestar Group CEO Jackson Wang commented: “In the past, the individual printing supplies business grew rapidly, but now we need to unite and to be more powerful. We should make more effective use of manpower, technologies, marketing, logistics and service platforms to bring more value to our customers.”

Ninestar “apologise for any inconvenience caused by the structural change in the next few months, and are confident that the integration will turn out to benefit you, us and the industry”.

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