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Ninestar – Innovation is the key

July 11, 2017

The company released its latest white paper which contains a detailed overview of the growth of the company and its success.

Ninestar emphasised that the mainstay of the company’s success as a manufacturer is due to using “non-infringing compatibles” which allowed them to “avoid the supply chain issues that plagued remanufacturers” and at the same time provided customers with opportunities to profit that “higher priced remanufactured cartridges could never support”.

Jason Wang, Senior Vice President, Ninestar Corporation, said: “Since our company opened in 2000, we have focused intensely on our ability to innovate and quickly bring to market the highest quality products.” Wang explained that investment in innovation meant that the company could offer a wide range of ink, toner and ribbon cartridges under the G&G brand which is recognised around the world for “superior performance and reliability”.

The white paper “Innovating Success” is a study of the company’s technical achievements and outlines its journey to become the “world’s largest third-party supplies vendor” used by over 200 million end users in more than 100 countries. The report also covers Ninestar’s inventions and technologies which allowed the company to release “its most important products” and also discusses its recent acquisitions of Static Control Components and Lexmark International.

Wang commented: “With a deep pool of proprietary inventions and thousands of patents to draw from, Ninestar is better able to quickly provide its customers with non-infringing G&G products today than ever before. As competition in the market grows increasingly intense Ninestar’s customers can rely on us to continue to innovate and add even more value to our G&G-branded products.”

Wang also said: “We’re publishing Ninestar—Innovating Success because we want the industry to understand how Ninestar became the company that it is today and explain how we will continue to grow in the future. As we have done since Day One, rest assured that Ninestar will continue to lead the industry by innovating.”

You can read the paper here

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