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Ninestar discusses Lexmark acquisition

February 9, 2017

The company stated that its position as part of the consortium that bought the OEM means its “success is inevitable”.ninestarpack

Ninestar’s article asks “what brought on the acquisition of OEM giant Lexmark”, noting that “people in [the] printing industry might say the successful acquisition” was a “huge milestone” , with the deal including “100 percent of stock rights, intellectual properties and the brand” and “China’s largest overseas acquisition in the printing industry”, having “garnered much attention”.

As part of Zhuhai Apex Technology, “many people in this industry know that Ninestar was founded 16 years ago”, and that “to date, Ninestar has successfully applied [for] over 1,600 patents”, noting that “with such a strong portfolio, Ninestar’s success is inevitable”. It moved on to comment that looking “at the historical development of the industry, what brought on steady development” and the acquisition was “having the right strategy”.

With Ninestar’s “top management ha[ving] consistently made the right decisions at exactly the right moments”, it continues “to make the impossible happen […] people like to say whoever owns the real IP, wins the market”, and its “continuous investment in R&D and technology has helped Ninestar grow constantly and shift its focus to innovation”.

The company added that “it took many years of investment and faith […] to finally become a leading technology-driven company with industry acknowledgement”, and that to “respect IP and consistently innovate is the main reason Ninestar has developed steadily and risen to [be] the patent technology leader in the aftermarket”, alongside its “big contribution to guide the whole industry to develop [its] own innovati[ve] technology”.

The deal will see the “OEM and aftermarket [companies] support each other, being one stronger group company”, and Ninestar described fellow Chinese company Huawei’s “similar” origins and move into R&D and patents, with Ninestar citing these as “one of the important reasons that made the acquisition happen”. It also claimed that its inkjet patent technology “has been imitated, but never surpassed”.

The company mentioned 46,200 compatible inkjets seized by Chinese Customs in November 2011 that infringed Ninestar’s patents, and noted “this was the first case in China’s aftermarket [where] a compatible consumables manufacturer was the infringed party”. It added that “many compatible manufacturers have copied Ninestar’s technologies and products”, with its “air-control valve patented technology” developed from 2000 to 2003.

This “became one of the most stable non-sponge pressure controlling methods”, while 2004 saw the patented seal “developed and widely used in compatible inkjet cartridges for Epson, HP and Brother printers” with “a better sealing effect”, before 2008 saw “products with simulate[d] sensor chip[s] for Epson”, while Ninestar believes the “piezoelectric sensor has since lost its monopoly”.

It then developed “patented pressure control technology” for compatible HP Inc 950s in 2011, which “paved the way for pressurised inkjet cartridges”, while 2012 saw “patented chip technology” that “emits light by ignoring ID information” for Canon applications, which is “non-infring[ing] and avoids any potential litigation”. Finally, in 2013, “patented chip technology which enables the chip to test the short circuit independently was developed”.

In toner, its compatible, patented alternatives for Brother’s TN-350 were launched in 2006 “after years of development” with “more stability and better user experience”, and “not affected by Brother’s legal action in Germany in 2016”. 2011 saw the “patented non-twisted gear technology”, before Samsung took legal action against manufacturers in 2012 and 2013 for infringing the CLP310, 320 and 360 patents, with Ninestar releasing “patented products […] favoured and recognised”.

In 2014 it launched its “patented dongle gear for Canon” to “ensure stability and lower printing costs”, with all these “achievements result[ing] from Ninestar’s dedication and investment in its own patent technology”. It concluded the achievements are “only the tip of the iceberg”, and “in the future, Ninestar will continue to offer customers better quality products and aims to be a leading one-stop solution provider in the printing industry”.

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