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Ninestar reports patented gear a success in US

November 13, 2012

Manufacturer reports its patented laser cartridge gear has been met with approval by its US clients.

Manufacturer Ninestar has announced that its patented non-twisted laser cartridge gear has been deemed “reliable both in quality and patent safety” after its launch in the US last year, with emphasis being placed on the assertion that the gear does not infringe on Canon’s patented twisted gear.

Canon launched a patent infringement lawsuit against more than thirty aftermarket companies earlier this year regarding two of its patents – numbers US5903803 and US6128454, which involve toner cartridge gears with a twisted projection.

Ninestar therefore concludes that its patented non-twisted toner cartridge gear, which the company asserts has been tested in “many different printer models” with successful results, offers an effective non-infringing solution, stating: “Ninestar always respects the intellectual property of OEMs and [pays] attention [to] the patent development of OEMs”.

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