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Ninestar concludes successful conference

May 22, 2017

Ninestar partners from across Europe gathered in Stresa, Italy for the 3rd annual distributor’s conference. Jason Wang, Ninestar’s General Manager, opened the Conference and the theme of the conference was the role of branding in the challenging office imaging markets.

Ninestar partners heard all the latest news and changes within the group and how the integration of Lexmark was progressing following the takeover. Ninestar partners heard the details of this years “back to school” marketing campaign and had an early opportunity to find out about the new Pantum printer models that will be released later this year

Lexmark’s Arnaud Maestripieri gave a very informative presentation on the Lexmark business approach and their product roadmap. While DOXSENSE, MD Giovanni Giusti gave a talk on the commercial opportunities post merger with Static Control and Lexmark.

Ninestar Netherlands GM, Oleg Zhao gave a presentation on the Netherlands operation and support and how they put the G&G brand to work with a rather amusing promotional video highlighting how useful and effective a short promo video can be.

The conference ended with Jason Wang making several presentations of awards to partners for outstanding growth across the distribution channel.

In the evening and despite some inclement weather the Ninestar partners were treated to a water taxi trip to visit the Isla Bella a private island retreat that dates back to the 15th century and dinner at a lakeside restaurant.

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