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Ninestar cartridges approved by Croatian lab

October 31, 2017

The company has revealed that its Croatian distributor organised a laboratory page yield testing of its G&G toner cartridges.

Ninestar announced that its exclusive Croatian distributor, Taurus Info D.O.O. “has made a great effort in the past two years” and set up a laboratory page yield testing of Ninestar’s G&G toner cartridges.

The toners which were tested are accredited under ISO/IEC 17025 and  ISO/IEC 19752, 19798. The toners are the G&G NT-PH279C and the colour toners NT-PH201K,C,M,Y (CF400A series).

As a result of the testing in the Croatian laboratory, it was discovered that Ninestar “produces high quality toners” and reveals that G&G toners “are comparable to” those produced by OEMs.

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