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Nigeria’s e-waste cannot be ignored

October 24, 2017

Alhaji Ibrahim Jibril (Copyright: Nigerian Tribune)

A Nigerian minister has stated that the country’s e-waste problem cannot be ignored any longer due to the environmental challenge it presents.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, Alhaji Ibrahim Jibril made this statement about the country’s e-waste during the National Council on Environment’s 11th session last week, which took place at the June 12 Cultural Centre in Abeokuta. He also went on to say that “e-waste is an economic opportunity that can be exploited to generate wealth.”

These comments were made following a presentation entitled “Solving Nigeria’s E-waste Crisis”, given by Christian Wessels of the World Economic Forum.

The minister said, “E-waste is a real challenge and environmental hazard. There is a concerted effort by major players in the world: Phillips, Dell, Microsoft and many others that have come together to take the initiative, knowing they have the responsibility of recycling these products which they initiated in the first place.

“Secondly, we need to know that in Nigeria, you can separate these e-waste into two: the brand-new ones that are imported into the country and are sold and used by all of us, and which ultimately come to the end of their shelf life and are discarded as waste. The second category are those that imported into Nigeria as second-hand materials.

“These materials contain all kinds of precious metals like gold, nickel, chromium, and the rest.

“We are saying that these materials can be recycled and you can get a huge quantity of these metals from them, particularly computers and handsets, and people can make money out of it.”

In conclusion, he said, “Let it be known that these e-wastes can no longer be ignored and that we have to address them, and in addressing them, we can actually create wealth out of the waste that is generated.”

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