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Nielson joins the Flex Group team

October 22, 2018

Ronald Nielson has been appointed Vice President of Sales at Flex Technology Group.

As the company explains, both FlexPrint LLC (FlexPrint) and the Flex Technology Group (FTG) have undergone phenomenal growth in the last year, “and there’s no indication that the company intends to slow down anytime soon.”

In fact, says FTG, now that Ronald Nielson has joined FTG as the company’s national Vice President of Sales, “the strategy is full steam ahead.”

Ronald brings to FTG nearly three decades of executive sales leadership at IKON and Ricoh. According to the company, he will further enhance the its customer-centric approach to create innovative, value-based solutions designed to grow revenue and profitability across FTG’s family of businesses. 

FTG says that Ron is in possession of the knowledge that a “talented sales team is instrumental in building the committed relationships that are crucial to success in the office technology industry.”

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