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Next UKCRA meeting announced

July 4, 2017

The meeting of the United Kingdom Cartridge Remanufacturers Association will take place in Coventry 14 September and all are welcome.

The United Kingdom Cartridge Remanufacturers’ Association (UKCRA) will host its next meeting of members at the Novotel in Coventry, England on Thursday 14 September, and members and non-members can register to attend here. For the first time, the meeting is open to all remanufacturers whether they are members or not. Speakers will be confirmed nearer the time.

Last year saw talks on strategic implications for the remanufacturing industry as well as the industry’s opportunity to develop new capabilities and a talk covering a range of advanced techniques that can provide the industry with the capability to gain powerful new insights into the new challenges that are emerging, and in turn design value chains with improved business and environmental performance.

The association has been prominent in making changes in the industry and has been at the vanguard of remanufacturing and sustainability for over 25 years.

UKCRA was at the forefront at addressing the impact of the new WEEE regulations, launching an impact assessment, hosting a meeting to launch the report at which UK government agencies were present to help members understand the issues arising and then met to discuss compliance regulations. In October 2015 UKCRA launched its WEEE2 guide for UK remanufacturers, which it said was a useful tool for understanding the regulations that came into effect.

Attendance to the UKCRA meeting is free and everyone is welcome.

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