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Next UKCRA meeting announced

April 11, 2016

ukcraThe next meeting of the UK association will take place at the end of June.

The United Kingdom Cartridge Remanufacturers’ Association (UKCRA) will host its next meeting of members at the Novotel in Coventry, England on Thursday 30 June, and members can register to attend here. This latest meeting will start at 10am, and further information on what will be discussed at the meeting will be revealed at a later date.

The association noted earlier this year that it has “been at the vanguard of remanufacturing and sustainability for over 25 years”, witnessing “significant changes in printing technologies” thanks to the “digital revolution”. Among challenges it encountered in 2015 was labelling by a UK health body that excluded remanufactured cartridges, identified by UKCRA member Alan Castro, of LaserCare Anglia, with UKCRA and ETIRA eventually succeeding in changing the health body’s policy.

Also in 2015, the association addressed the impact of the new WEEE regulations, launching an impact assessment, hosting a meeting to launch the report which UK government agencies attended to help members understand the issues arising from WEEE2. UKCRA then later met to discuss compliance with WEEE2 at a separate meeting. Finally, in October, UKCRA launched its WEEE2 guide for UK remanufacturers, which it said was a “useful tool for understanding the regulations that came into effect” earlier this year.

Other achievements included submitting a paper providing suggestions for the EU’s circular economy, as well as Correspondence Secretary Laura Heywood’s attendance at the follow-up conference for the UK report into the remanufacturing industry in September 2015. The association noted that to find out about becoming a UKCRA member, those interested can contact




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