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New white paper on print security

January 25, 2018

The free paper considers the issue data security with inkjet print operations.

Inkjet Insight has released a free white paper concerning end-to-end data security and inkjet print operations, reports Graphic Arts Magazine. The industry analyst explains that security is as vital to printing operations as it is to web and digital initiatives, and that with data breaches rising by 300 percent in the first nine months of 2017, it is an incredibly pertinent issue.

The company states that printing networks can be both a target and point of entry for hackers seeking access to a corporate network, particularly networks within financial services and healthcare organisations. According to Inkjet Insight, 52 percent of breaches in the United States last year were due to hackers, and 49 percent of companies surveyed in 2016 acknowledged that a data breach by a third-party vendor led to the misuse of confidential or sensitive information. A further 16 percent could not even state for certain that such a breach hadn’t occurred.

Inkjet Insight therefore claim that these concerns will be passed onto print buyers, and that printing organisations should take careful account of their business partners’ security procedures. Its free white paper, Building End-to-End Data Security into Inkjet Print Operations, was commissioned by Toronto’s Crawford Technologies, and includes information on how to plan for end-to-end security, the benefits of end-to-end data protection, and the challenges of securing high-speed printing. It also considers the cost of data breaches to an organisation, as well as best practices for data protection (by design and by default) and the impact on production inkjet environments.

To download the paper for yourself, click here.


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