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New Smart Document Capture for Military, from Lexmark

October 20, 2017

The new automated solution claims to improve efficiency and security.

Lexmark International Inc. has announced the release of Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Military, a solution that Lexmark claim will leverage their Smart MFP platform to simplify and speed up error-prone, inefficient paper-based processes, and therefore drive greater efficiency and security in Department of Defense services.

The software features smart process management tools, accessible directly from the Smart MFP touch screen interface. These tools allow the user to facilitate automated document classification, data verification, and compliance checks, in order to make sure required information or documentation is in place. The solution will integrate with core business and back-end systems, to leverage a single distributed capture solution across multiple platforms and workflow processes. Furthermore, it is PKI/CAC enabled to permit authorised users to access information from the MFP touchscreen, and is armed with built-in security to protect data.

“DoD services are under pressure to transform their operations, revolutionise their mission processes, and provide experiences and interactions that are highly digital and secure for the service member,” explained Lexmark’s global industry director Marty DeGraff. “As we talk with our DoD clients, the common refrain is that slow, manual processing associated with hardcopy information and paper-based tasks is hampering this effort. We developed the Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Military solution to help DoD services overcome this challenge, by providing a seamless experience for personnel that improves productivity and security.”

The customised solution has been designed with the key aims of streamlining, digitising and simplifying information management, which Lexmark say will deliver multiple benefits, including the ability verify DoD personnel services documents quicker and more accurately; the ability for personnel to print forms and applications on demand; and increased visibility, making it simple to know which forms have been completed and which are outstanding, again increasing the speed of processing.

Allen Waugerman, Lexmark senior Vice President and chief technology officer, said: “Lexmark understands the unique challenges faced by our DoD clients. Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Military is the latest addition to a broad Lexmark offering that enables DoD agencies to save time and money, increase security, and ease compliance.” The solution can be purchased directly from Lexmark.

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