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New role for Ursula Burns at Xerox after split

May 23, 2016

Xerox reported that she will not be the CEO of either company.

The company, which announced in January it would split, said that Burns will “serve as chair of the Document Technology Company” after the company completes its separation. The restructuring of Xerox is set to cost thousands of jobs before the split573f18b54a9f7_image.

Burns said, “When we first undertook the structural review of the company, I deliberately took leadership off the table, particularly my role. My decision-making process has been grounded in making the best decisions for Xerox and for me personally, in that order. We’re well underway with the CEO searches for both the document technology and the BPO companies.” Burns added that it was, “a little bit of a sad day for me, but a happy day as well.”


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