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New printer pushes the boundaries

October 10, 2017

Copyright: Kickstarter

A new project on Kickstarter is a new open source printer that allows consumers to print anywhere and on anything, including wood, metal and windows.

Mashable has revealed that a new project on Kickstarter is pushing the printing envelope with the introduction of its SPoE printer, a small, lightweight and highly portable device that “can print from any of your devices onto any surface you need”, using an innovative built–in tread system.

Taking printing beyond the boundaries imposed by paper, SPoE uses a variety of different cartridges so users can swap between printing onto “clothes, wood, metal, poster boards, and even windows, just to name a few.”

In addition, the portable printer can alternate between, for example, “smaller designs on a shirt” and much bigger print jobs “like banners and boxes.”

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