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New printer concept revealed

July 11, 2016

Paper-2000px-2_500288Ludwig Rensch has designed a new printer called Paper, which takes up less space.

Normal printers take up a moderate amount of room, reported ubergizmo, and MFPs can take up even more space while also not appearing very attractive. However, a new design called Paper does not even look like a printer, and is indeed an MFP, but is small and slim as well as being orange.

The brainchild of Rensch is a very simple but stylish design; its concept uses paper on a spool which the printer activates when a print is sent to it. The sides of the printer open to “reveal the scanner/copier feature” and the case has a handle so it is easy to carry around.

Paper is a “proof of concept” so the general public cannot buy it and it is not yet clear whether Rensch will make it a commercial printer. You can watch the video below.






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