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Berg Little Printer now ready for pre-order

August 14, 2012

New miniature printer soon to be available to “make printing cool”.

Canadian Reviewer reports that the new printer “mixes nostalgia, a well though-out novelty factor and powerful cloud computing mojo”, and is now available for pre-order.

Noting how the printer market has recently been affected by the popularity of smartphones and tablet devices, the article describes the printer as being a mini-printer for mobile devices but which “represents so much more”.

With Berg’s Little Printer, users subscribe to their favourite online “sources”, which Little Printer checks and then prints from at times pre-set by the user, creating a “personalised package […] like your very own morning or evening newspaper”. Messages from friends on social media websites, puzzles and the latest gossip are some examples given of items users could print.

According to the article, the Little Printer has already won support from Google, Foursquare and The Guardian UK, which are all partners of the company. It is also thought that if Berg’s Little Printer is a success, it could lead to the development of “a number of cheap knockoffs”.

The device comes complete with BERG Cloud Bridge which allows wireless internet connection, international power supplies, cables and replacement paper; with the starter pack costing $259 (€210).

The Recycler reported on the announcement of Berg’s Little Printer in February along with the similarly small-sized Adafruit “Internet of Things” Printer.

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