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New leader at Canon Brazil

January 21, 2019

Masaharu Choki has become the new President and CEO of the OEM’s Brazilian subsidiary, replacing long-serving Jun Otsuka.

Otsuka, who has led Canon Brazil for the last fifteen years, departs to take over at Canon Panama. ZDNet reports that Choki assumes the mantles with “high expectations of development” from the company’s management.

It is believed that Choki’s strategy for development will focus on the growth of Canon’s market share, through the offer of “products of the highest technology, quality, and innovation,” as well as developing better customer engagement with both consumers and corporate clients.

“Throughout our history, the company has been driven by innovation to meet the needs of its customers,” said Choki, who has held several leadership roles around the world in his thirty-three year career with Canon. “We will continue to follow this path to continue offering the best products and solutions to the market.”

A “major product launch” is expected in Brazil in February.

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