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New labour rules established for China suppliers by HP

February 11, 2013

hpOEM will attempt to reduce use of student interns and temporary workers on low pay in its China factories.

Taipei Times reports that HP has drawn up a new set of guidelines for its Chinese suppliers in an attempt to stop labour abuses at its factories in the country, ensuring that low-paid student interns and temporary workers are not relied upon as cheap labour and that workers rights are protected.

According to the article HP has stated that it hopes its rules will encourage Chinese suppliers to employ predominantly full-time workers, and will also mean that when interns and temporary workers are used, they will not be forced to remain at the job against their will, their hours will be kept below the legal limit and they will have the right to file complaints.

HP also says that it will make sure to review the labour practices of its suppliers more frequently to ensure that the rules are correctly followed.

The Recycler reported in December that electronics manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group, which manufactures products for HP and Apple among others, is also making efforts to improve labour conditions at its Chinese factories by introducing a “series of wide-ranging reforms”, including “sharply curtail[ing] workers’ hours and significantly increas[ing] wages” after its workers threatened mass suicide over wage demands last year.

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