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New Katun video gives brand overview

November 14, 2017

The two-minute film explains the benefits of Katun Corp’s three main brands.

Katun Corp have released a new video giving an overview of its three major brands, Katun Performance, Katun Business and Katun Access, which are each “designed to meet different customer expectations and market needs.”

The short video pledges to educate viewers in the “diverse benefits and characteristics” of the three brands, all of which offer “outstanding value, consistent quality, and the confidence you get when working with a worldwide industry leader.”

Katun Performance, the company’s premier brand, encompasses its highest quality products, with life/yields and image quality equivalent to that of the OEM’s product. They also boast OEM-comparable colour reproduction and overall performance, but adding significant cost savings to dealers and distributors.

Meanwhile, the Katun Business Colour brand has been designed for customers in business colour environments, and offers OEM-comparable life/yields and image quality.

According to the video, “users in business colour environments want outstanding, vibrant colour but don’t require precision colour that matches OEM product.” Katun give this as the reason for the Katun Business Colour brand’s popularity, stating that it “meets or exceeds the needs of users, but at significant costs savings versus OEM products.”

Meanwhile, the Katun Access brand is described as offering solid image quality and consistent yields, similar to other products being offered by other aftermarket companies. The company argue that this “enables price sensitive buyers to purchase imaging supplies that provide dependable performance at great value.”

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